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What Is a Serum and Why Should I Use One?

What Is a Serum and Why Should I Use One? Over the last few years, serums have become an indispensable step in skincare here in America. Popularized by multi-step Korean skincare trends, essences or serums are lightweight elixirs packed with active ingredients and are used as a treatment, generally in-between the cleansing and moisturizing stages […]

The Benefits of Hemp Tea

Superfood Spotlight: The Benefits of Hemp Tea Steeped Superfood This weeks Superfood Spotlight is a steeped superfood — hemp tea — a powerhouse brew with so many healing properties that it can replace several other herbal concoctions! Despite the diverse proliferation in the variety of hemp products on the market in recent years, many people […]

¿Qué es tan controversial sobre el uso médico del cannabidiol?

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cannabis y el cannabidiol , más conocido como CBD . De hecho, en los últimos 10 años ha sido adoptado ampliamente para tratar una gran variedad de condiciones de salud y ha demostrado ser un oponente digno para otras terapias de origen natural.

TES EveryFace Cream and Serum: Flawless Skin thanks to CBD


Skincare is without a doubt, one of the most popular trends in self-care nowadays. Companies are pouring into a field that has the possibilities to change people’s lives, helping them not only look but feel amazing. And with that trend, comes innovation. Many companies are creating products where natural ingredients are taking the lead. And […]

Los Increíbles Beneficios de Usar CBD


Hace unos años, todas las probabilidades estaban en contra del CBD, o cannabidiol. Este compuesto, uno de los principales elementos de la larga lista de componentes que existen en la planta de cannabis, es una de las sustancias químicas más utilizadas en la actualidad, y por una buena razón. Pero, antes de zambullirnos en el […]

Bridal Guide: 10 Ways CBD Isolate derived from Hemp Can Give You a Wedding-Ready Glow

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10 Ways CBD Isolate derived from Hemp Can Give You a Wedding-Ready Glow Dr. Hernandez was featured in Bridal Guide, check out the link and let us know what you think! HERE’S THE QUICK 10 1. Full of Antioxidants 2. Great Source of Vitamins D and E 3. Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids 4. An […]

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